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10 Predictions for Social Media in 2021

2020 required quick changeability and flexibility from many companies. The spread of the Corona virus taught us to work from home offices, to efficiently manage our daily work between homeschooling and other to-dos, and to seek new forms of employment. In 2021, new habits like virtual events and digital shopping will continue to dominate the world of social media networks. We have summarized how Facebook, LinkedIn and Co will meet our user needs beyond the pandemic in 10 predictions for B2C & B2B marketing in 2021.



eCommerce in focus

eCommerce will be a major focus for Facebook in the coming year.


With the introduction of stores on the platform, the first step of the next big sales push for Facebook has been prepared. This launch offers companies the chance to post their own eCommerce store on the world’s most widely used digital platform. Digital storefronts with helpful presentation options and optimized payment methods will fuel a new wave of eCommerce.

Commerce will play a big role in social media marketing during 2021. Source: Adobe Stock / Kittiphan
Commerce will play a big role in social media marketing during 2021. Source: Adobe Stock / Kittiphan


the "Fleets" function corresponds to the Twitter version of a story. Source: Evernine


Despite its growing popularity, Twitter has hardly changed in recent years. The platform has always remained what it was in the beginning – a real-time stream with short updates where users keep up with the latest information. We won’t be expecting any big changes on Twitter, but the Fleets-feature will be available to all users from now on, which is the Twitter version of a story. The possibilities of AR options and effects should not be ignored here.


It seems that Twitter’s acquisition of Chroma Labs will add various tools to this function as early as February.


Rubric Focus

In the coming year, Twitter will also focus on topics instead of profiles. In this way, content will be played out more according to the content interests of users. Twitter will possibly introduce the option of headings in tweets for postings, which will function similarly to the current listing of ongoing sports events and livestreams.


New Verification

Twitter is currently working on new versions of verification, which will go beyond the current blue checkmark. After the revision, the accounts could use more specific icons. More important here is the innovation that bot accounts will be clearly marked. This will show users from the start whether a real person is behind a tweet or not.


Store Tab

As on its parent platform Facebook, the biggest focus for Instagram in 2021 will be eCommerce. New store tabs and more specialized features will make it possible to generate instant purchases in response to posts.


Furthermore, in addition to one-click purchases, you can expect AR try-on tools and video tags for products, which will make it easier to buy directly.


Variable Home Feed

With the continued popularity of Stories, Instagram will try a new approach to the Home feed in 2021. Similar to TikTok, the change would allow users to see the Stories feed directly when they open their app. The main feed would then lose its focus. However, since there are still many users who prefer the classic post feed, Instagram will certainly leave it up to them to decide what kind of posts they want to set as their home feed in the app.

In 2021, the biggest focus for Instagram 
will be on 
eCommerce. Source: Evernine
In 2021, the biggest focus for Instagram will be on eCommerce. Source: Evernine


More eCommerce Integrations

TikTok will also focus on eCommerce in 2021, as the platform needs to create a new way to pay its top creators so they don’t move on to other platforms similar to what Vine experienced.


The Chinese version already generated $122 million in revenue last year. TikTok will want to follow suit. Also because of the possible takeover between Oracle and Walmart. The retail giant has already announced its eCommerce intentions. So in any case, expect to see a lot more eCommerce tools added to TikTok over the year 2021.


Virtual Events

Virtual events will become a major focus on LinkedIn in 2021. Already in 2020, LinkedIn has adapted to this trend with its own tools for events and live stream function.


Although it will likely be possible to attend more in-person events again next year, the potential of virtual events will remain attractive to many companies due to lower costs. LinkedIn will introduce more video tools and options as this happens. This makes particular sense on the networking platform. Live videos are already the most interesting content here.

In 2021, there will be a big focus on virtual events on LinkedIn. Source: Adobe Stock /Вадим Пастух

More Detailed Data Insights

LinkedIn has the largest professional and career database, giving it deep insight into people’s careers, interests, and relationships. In 2021, the platform is guaranteed to refine its data insights to gain even more insight into users’ profiles and advance their careers together.

Eva Mickler
Eva Mickler, Head of Campaigns der Evernine Group. Quelle: Evernine.

Separate Video Feed

Users are about 20 times more likely to share a video in their feed than any other form of content. It therefore makes sense that LinkedIn will introduce a dedicated video section in its app, which will focus on professional video content by category, offering brands new potential brand awareness and presence.


“The consumer behavior of users has developed more strongly in the direction of online. According to Google’s Smart Shopper study, this year alone the number of people who shop exclusively or prefer to shop online has risen to 23%. Social media as a sales channel should not be underestimated by companies, because the 2020 pandemic has shown us how quickly the digital transformation can progress and only those who get involved here will also be around in the longer term,” says Eva Mickler, Head of Campaigns at the Evernine Group.

Source Cover Picture: AdobeStock / Mirko Vitali