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Evernine supports AWS partners with digital lead marketing

More than 2,000 AWS partners in the DACH region are able to benefit from the strong partnership between AWS and the Evernine Group since summer 2020. The Munich-based communications consultancy with its own full-service agency will in future support AWS partners with lead-& awareness campaigns to raise your digital communication and digital sales to a level of excellence.


Tobias Lilienthal
Communication Manager & Consultant Social Selling


The advice and concrete support of technology and consulting companies in the IT industry has been at the core of the Evernine Group’s work since its foundation. As one of the leading hyperscalers, AWS has also recognized this potential and now gives its partners the opportunity to get off to a flying start not only in terms of technology, but also in digital communication, marketing and sales. Partners benefit from benchmarks & industry insights, individual consulting and a unique campaign approach for awareness and lead generation.


“We are very pleased that AWS partners now have the opportunity to benefit directly from our expertise in the cloud environment. Especially for the marketing of products in need of explanation & services, which have a large number of decision makers, our Qualified Lead Marketing approach has proven itself”, Alexander Roth, CEO and head of the Business IT unit at Evernine Group is quoted.


► Standardised campaign packages for a quick entry into digital lead marketing

To enable AWS’ partners to get started quickly with digital marketing, the Evernine Group and AWS have developed campaign packages in three different sizes. This allows partners of different size, budget and digital maturity to access services ranging from small awareness campaigns to complex account-based marketing campaigns.


Together with the partner, a customer journey is developed, which is tailored to the target groups and the respective services. In the further course of the cooperation, outsourced content, landing pages & call-to-actions – such as white papers or factsheets – are created and the campaign is subsequently implemented. The degree of outsourcing can be determined by the partner himself.


It should be emphasized that all campaign content is retained even after the campaign is over and can be used by the partner on a permanent basis. This not only enables a start in digital lead marketing, but also enables the partner to become independently active in the long term.



Example of a landing page of an AWS partner on cloudmagazin.com / Source: Evernine


► The Qualified Lead Marketing Approach

The Evernine Group offers companies Qualified Lead Marketing (QLM) in two delivery systems: As a consulting project – to make customers fit for efficient digital marketing themselves, or as an outsourcing variant, as in the case of the partnership with AWS or another partnership with the Experton Group, an ISG company. The success behind QLM lies in orchestration. The project setup, supervised by a single key account manager, ensures that all components of a campaign can be optimized over the course of the campaign, from budget allocation to the content provided.

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