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Growing Programmatic – These were the trends at dmexco 2017

What does the online world of the future look like? The topic at this year’s dmexco in Cologne was very clear – PROGRAMMATIC. Whether publishing networks, companies or agencies, many focus on the topic of “programmatic advertising”. But what is exactly behind it? We had a look around at dmexco and had some interesting discussions – especially since the topic “Programmatic” is not completely new.


by Kathrin Eubisch
CMO und Content Marketing Manager Evernine Group


Everyone is talking about programmatic advertising – even at dmexco. But only a few people know what’s behind it. Basically, “Programmatic” refers to the fully automatic and individualized trading of advertising space and display ads and their real-time playing. At the same time, banners will be delivered specifically to buyer personas on the basis of the available user data. Within a very short time, the ad relevance for the respective user is checked, and the highest bidder is awarded the ad slot.


However, the term programmatic advertising is still too often used as a synonym for the term Real Time Bidding (RTB). RTB represents the auction part of the booking, in which the equal bidders bid on a platform for the preferred ad space. In programmatic advertising, this is called an open auction. Thus, RTB may be part of Programmatic Advertising, but does not necessarily have to be part of the process.


At dmexco, we visited our publishing partners Outbrain and plista and learned that they are increasingly turning to programmatic advertising. Why? The biggest advantage here is probably the efficiency, they say. Due to the precise definition of the target group and the additional information about where the greatest willingness to buy is in the course of the so-called customer journey, scatter losses are minimized. The advertising strategy can thus be better implemented overall. The ads reach higher and the performance of the online campaigns increases – and with lower budgets.


Also the magazine W & V has explained very vividly in a short video what is behind programmatic advertising. Take a look here.


Marketing automation – use or not?

But “programmatic advertising” is not the only topic that is currently being talked about. Marketing automation is and remains up to date. Many companies face the question: use or not? Do fully automated marketing tools actually simplify the processes and also relieve the marketer of tasks? Or are they too complicated for a quick integration into the existing corporate communication?


Everyone answers differently here. Surely the use makes sense, but still you can not cover everything with such a tool. Real-time adjustments to the current campaign are hardly solvable, but lead generation and the integration of CRM can be combined very well. Likewise, the routine content creation and simultaneous distribution of campaigns.


Self-Publishing again in focus

And this is exactly where we are on the topic of self-publishing. Marketing automation only makes sense if you have enough high-quality content and would like to publish it – but companies need a content hub for that.


A platform where you can publish all your valuable content. As a result, companies are increasingly becoming self-publishers, using their own online magazines as a digital communication platform. Nothing new for us – we also offer magazines for exactly these purposes. Learn more now.


Of course, this brings the next question: What does it cost? Statistics show that, unfortunately, most of the marketing money still flows into the classic advertising media, such as publishing, broadcasting or print.


The majority of companies are thus bypassing digital advertising, because in addition to traditional advertising media, too much budget is being spent on production. For example, high-quality videos and movies are produced, but in the end there is usually no money left to spread them. And this rethinking will certainly take a lot of time.


Our colleagues from MyBusinessFuture, together with our marketing team, have taken even further into the trends of this year’s trade fair. You want to know more? All other information can be found in this article. Continue reading now.


Source: Evernine