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Ihre Mitarbeiter sind Ihre Influencer

How employees become brand ambassadors

When you think of an influencer, you first see a young girl holding a pink beauty product in her camera with a broad grin. However, very few companies can identify with this form of influencer marketing, which is why new approaches are needed. In the B2B sector there is a completely different possibility and this is already in your company.


By Sandra Benz
Communication Manager


In the B2C sector, influencer marketing is already an integral part of the communication strategy and B2B companies also want to jump on the bandwagon. The topic of reach via multipliers offers a simple and cost-effective way to reach the desired target group. Influencer Marketing has now grown up and will be much less associated with kitschy pink images in 2019. Experts from a particular industry can also be used as brand ambassadors. The only requirement: they must be recognized by the community as trustworthy. This succeeds with targeted content, through which they build up reach in the social networks as authentic opinion makers.


The question about people who trust the company’s content on social networks can be answered very easily: They are your employees! Who is better suited than an employee who enjoys working in a company and talking about it?


Brand ambassadors in companies

In order to develop employees as experts and brand ambassadors, it should be gradually tried that the employees network well and thus create a high visibility and reach. In many companies, it is common for employees to be encouraged to share content on social networks. This is definitely a start, but it’s not just about sharing content, it’s about building a strong community that considers the brand ambassador trustworthy and authentic. This is achieved by participating in digital conversations – in forums, news and comments. Only those who act actively with the community receive the appreciation and credibility of the followers.



Companies should recognize and internalize the potential of high reach social media accounts. The employees of your own company know your company best and are therefore particularly well suited to building a community. However, it should be borne in mind that not every employee is suitable as a brand ambassador and that the willingness to show and participate on social networks varies greatly. Although the company can offer its employees recommendations for action and assistance, as well as time and the use of social media during working hours, it should not influence the content.


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