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Instagram for Business

Increase Business Awareness and Conversions with Instagram for Business

Instagram hasn’t just been about the number of followers for a long time. Rather, building a relationship with users leads to successful corporate communications. We’ll show you how Instagram for Business can help you increase awareness and conversions.


by Sandra Benz
Communication Manager


Many companies are faced with the question of how to use Instagram to their advantage. Often, only the number of followers is taken into account. It is forgotten that the number of followers is not an indicator for effective marketing and communication, because acquiring fake followers has now become child’s play. To be successful as a company on Instagram, it is more about interactions, relationships and building communication with users. A company profile with Instagram for Business is particularly helpful here.


Instagram for Business – the company profile

If you want to be active as a company on Instagram, you should use the specially developed Business Account, which allows companies to place advertisements and get more insight and statistics on subscribers, posts and stories.


The Instagram for Business tool allows users to convert their regular Instagram account into a company profile with just a few clicks. All you need to do is link the Instagram account to the company’s Facebook page. All this can be done in the settings of the Instagram profile.


Insights at a glance

Posting articles and stories with a company profile is the same as before, but now companies get very clear insights into the performance of each post and each story. The insights show impressions, reach and interactions of all posts as well as link, profile and hash tag clicks in the stories and some more values.


In addition, a detailed analysis of the target group with age, locations and gender can be viewed in the profile insights. Companies can thus view or get to know their target group in even more detail.

Mit Werbeanzeigen Beiträge und Stories hervorheben

Highlighting articles and stories with advertisements

First and foremost, Instagram should be used to achieve active corporate communication, but of course advertisements can also be placed.


With a business account, advertisements can be placed directly within the app, but this is of course still possible via Facebook Business Manager.


Increase conversions with In-App-Shopping

Since mid-2018, Instagram has also been offering a shopping function for business accounts, which are particularly promising for e-commerce companies.


Companies can link products to images, videos and stories, which then forward them to the company’s online shop. This shortens the way to the shopping basket and more conversions are achieved.


Include Instagram in your corporate strategy

Modern marketing requires above all the networking of all communication activities and channels. The various disciplines such as marketing, sales and PR must therefore be linked together. The Evernine Group also pursues this approach and offers all disciplines of modern communication from a single source with its “One Voice” approach.


To successfully integrate Instagram, we recommend an overarching marketing plan that includes the interests of Sales, Marketing and PR. In addition, meaningful KPIs resulting from the orchestration should be determined in advance. It should also be considered whether the topic HR should be included in the channel. We will be happy to provide you with advice and implementation.


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